Consumer attitudes, trends and behaviour around the Globe

  25 / 03 / 2013 


Key findings from Winkle’s Globe Study

Winkle’s Globe Study is about exploring our wonderful world of different cultures and habits. We try to understand what makes us distinct: sometimes it is about values and beliefs that we share, sometimes it has to do with regional economic conditions. We dig deep for insights, connections and correlations and the reasons behind, which we present in a condensed, high-impact one pager document for our Winkle Update subscribers.

For the most recent edition of the Globe Study, we selected 7800 respondents in 14 countries- UK, USA, Canada, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Australia, Russia, Brazil, Romania, China, India, Sweden and Denmark – and revealed consumer attitudes, trends and behaviour for over 15 industries and topics.

Here are some interesting findings below:

Attitudes towards food:

Most people prize local products, but the Dutch and the Chinese do not.

Attitudes towards banking:

When it comes to learning more about finances, BRIC country citizens are the most keen to want to learn more.

Attitudes toward work:

People prefer working for themselves and this is most common in the USA, Brazil, Russia and Romania.

Attitudes toward healthcare:

About 50% of people would try to self-diagnose, while only 7% would definitely not.

Spending on a tighter budget:

Mostly in Germany, but also in the UK and the NL, a large number of people would buy cheaper products of a lower quality in order to spend less, while almost none of the Romanians and Chinese would consider lower quality products.

Shopping behavior

“My own family’s health” is the reason to buy organic products for most; only in Sweden, the first place is shared with “Protecting the environment”.

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