Discover great opportunities!


There is magic in exploring growth opportunities, because nothing drives innovation more than the prospect of success. Winkle offers a set of smart tools to help you explore and sow seeds so you can deliver successful future market introductions. Start finding them here.

Where to grow your brand in short term

A lightning speed version to scan your global market for opportunity areas fast and obtain a rough understanding of growth potential for your brand(s) per each market. To be used before market launch, or to track the success of your launch.
See Winkle’s Opportunity Scan


Developing new markets in the longer term

When you have found potential growth areas, you can add the rigour and accuracy to pin point single opportunities. Single opportunies, which trigger great new product ideas.
See Action Based Segmentation 


Engage creators, not just consumers!

Looking for a source of truly fresh ideas? Tap into the biggest asset that traditional research often ignores: creative, inventive consumers with a knack for revealing unmet needs in your category.
 See Winkle’s Lead User Community