Optimize insights, ideas and concepts


You’ve got some great ideas and fresh new concepts. But which ones score best with your target?

What may seem like a good idea in the “innovation chambers” sometimes fails miserably to market, the ultimate consumers test. Winkle can help you save a lot of energy, money and regrets by testing insights, ideas and concepts at an early stage of the innovation process.

How strong are your insights?

The failure of many new initiatives can be put down to NOT having a rich understanding of the real consumer issues and unmet needs.
See Winkle’s Insight tester


You have lots of ideas….but which ones resonate most strongly with your consumers?

At the earliest stages of the innovation cycle you often have lots and lots of ideas: the greatest challenge can be deciding which ones to progress further.
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Which combination of insight + benefit + Reason To Believe would make the strongest concept?

We use a cost-effective and fast way to test the performance of the different potential building blocks of your concept.
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Which of your concepts have the greatest potential – and how can they be optimized further?

Our Concept Screener measures overall performance – while identifying areas for optimization.
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