Travel & Entertainment: Innovation Inspiring Us Right Now

  14 / 08 / 2015 


By Eve Bayer
Marketing Director at Winkle

travel-entertainmentHere’s a run down of innovation ideas we’ve found that are making an impact for the future of travel and entertainment. Why we love them? They’re each based on genuine human insightinto unmet needs—whether it’s solving frustration, or tapping into our innate need for excitement and stimulation.

Hotels: Technology solves common travel pain points.
Starwood showcases new technology that will solve some simple yet potent frustrations to which we certainly relate. Forget your toothbrush? A robotic butler will whisk one up to you. Want to know what’s happening while getting ready in the morning? Mirrors, long an analog mainstay, are getting a ‘smart’ makeover. These can tell you the weather, news headlines- perhaps even check your email. And for those who are tired of groping to find the bathroom in the middle of the night: how about RFID-enabled lights that are activated by your footsteps to point your way in the dark?

Sports: At the stadium…and on your couch.
Stadiums aren’t built every day, so when new ones are being constructed, they tend to reflect what’s state-of-the-art for the times. The Golden State Warriors basketball team in Oakland, CA are experimenting with things that will enhance the experience for fans at the game—but also for those who aren’t. LiFi is a technology that communicates with light instead of traditional Wifi, and can be used to broadcast images and communications to people outside the stadium. They’re also considering how virtual reality can bring people into the stadium experience from their homes.

Restaurants: Efficiency holds onto the human touch.
Technology can help fast food restaurants run more efficiently, but it can lack the human quality that elevates dining from an ordinary meal to a friendly experience that keeps customers coming back. Restaurants such as Inamo in London use touch screen ordering to cut down on human error between front of house and the kitchen, but still assures that friendly staff are on call to attend to patrons’ needs.

Live Music: EDM elevates experiential expectations.
The $6.9 billion Electronic Dance Movement is not just about the talent of the DJs who headline it. Visual effects artists have been pushing the boundaries of live, tech-enabled performance. They have the power to choreograph lights and design to make the crowd feel wholly engulfed by the music blasting around them. These artists amplify DJ sets into a full-on, multi-sensory immersion, like when VSquared Labs (in collaboration with other production agencies) turned Skrillex into a larger-than-life robot DJ. This is a space to watch to see how these artists continue to evolve their craft—and how it influences other genres of music, entertainment and story telling in general.

These are just a few ways travel and entertainment brands are thrilling us with innovative experiences. Stay tuned for our next blog post to learn how we’re inspiring clients in this space in turn, with market research strategies to make sense of data overload facing travel brands.

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