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Explore fresh market space. Turn old ideas upside down. Sniff out new trends in your audience.



What can Discover do for you?

Feeling stuck in your market space? Do you sense change is in the air, but you’re unsure how or why? We have you covered.

Uncover white spaces and buried gems to unlock further growth.

  • Find hidden needs and unmet desires.
  • Pinpoint strategic growth opportunities.
  • Leave the competition standing with impressive new ideas.

Key Metric: Opportunity power

A single metric to compare and prioritise opportunities for short and long-term potential.

Get fresh feedback from your most creative consumers.

Who knows how your brand can improve? The consumers themselves, of course.

Consumers Explore helps you identify white space for product development. A hand-picked, dedicated community of articulate consumers provides in-depth insights into their current habits, attitudes and behaviours. The resulting map plots their sources of excitement, frustration and unmet needs regarding your brand, product or category.

Advantages over focus groups

The tool allows brands to engage with about 20-25 passionate participants in dedicated online communities - for longer and more continuous periods of time (2-3 weeks) than focus groups or other traditional methods. The longer duration also allows for iterative feedback.

The benefits:

  • Dig deep with consumers to understand their habits, needs and frustrations
  • Iterative feedback allows for quick adjustment
  • Various tools for inspiration: forum discussions, drawing sessions, ethnography, shopping missions and video reporting, etc
  • Immersive updates keep you engaged during the live phase
  • Additional optional modules on request

An interactive concluding workshop for Consumer-based Exploration puts your team in the consumer’s shoes, to apply and articulate he new-found insights together.

Give each audience exactly what they want.

What matters in marketing isn’t so much to understand the age groups or income groups in your audience, but rather their desires in life. Winkle works to discover the most commonly felt needs among your audience - and segments them for precision targeting.

A combination of traditional behavioural and attitudinal segmentation with occasion-based segmentation serves to derive their wants and needs. In layman’s terms: we use the multi-method approach of a main survey plus an online diary. The diary approach allows a harvest of respondent data, with needs and motivations still fresh in mind.

Who’s using the category? Who isn’t – and what’s stopping them? Who’s ready to switch brands or upgrade? Who wants the bells and whistles?

With Opportunity Track

Needs-based segmentation is a powerful, precise tool to make sense of your audience, both existing and potential. It’s also very effective when used in combination with Opportunity Track. The former constitutes a deep initial exercise to map the lie of the land, and the latter serves as a ‘dipstick’ periodic exercise to check for changes in the audience’s preferences.

If you’re looking for short-term and/or longer term strategic opportunities for your brand, Needs Segmenter is the way to go.

Quickly map your market to spot emergent opportunities.

Who’s using your brand? Who isn’t, and why? What can you improve to enhance your reach? Winkle’s Opportunity Track signals short-term, tactical growth opportunities to score quick wins in your category.

With Opportunity Track, you can quickly generate systematic mappings of the audience in your category - on any of these variables:

  • Purchase drivers
  • Purchase barriers
  • Needs
  • Attitudes
  • Behavioural insights
  • Brand positions

The resulting output is concise and actionable - ready to generate decisions. Opportunity Track’s low investment allows for an iterative approach to monitor progress over time, leading to ever stronger indications for decision making. So…

  • If 5% use your brand… how do you reach the other 95%?
  • Why is your brand’s performance declining?
  • What untapped opportunities are there in my category/market?

Find the answers with Opportunity Track.

Insights, insights everywhere… but which ones make a difference?

The Insight Screener quickly and cost-effectively separates the wheat from the chaff for a large set of consumer insights. Strong quantitative and qualitative analysis allows you to hear above the noise – and get to what really matters.

Market research generates a wealth of insights into consumer behaviour, preferences and frustrations. But which insights actually mean business? Find out with the Insight Screener.

We test the power of each insight by presenting them to a large-N (150) batch of respondents via sequential monadic testing. The output indicates the performance of each insight against three key criteria:

  1. Agreement: To what extent do you agree with the insight?
  2. Importance: How important is it to address the issue highlighted in the insight?
  3. Uniqueness: Do any other products or services already address the issue at the core of the insight?

The responses are then processed by our quant analysis engines and interpreted by Winkle’s expert market researchers. We quickly generate an actionable prioritisation of insights – showing you which has the greatest potential.

Too many insights, with no end in sight? Get the Insight Screener.

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1. Consumers Explore

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2. Needs Segmenter

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3. Opportunity Track

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4. Insight Screener


Gather insights to sharpen concepts. Map the options that drive decisions. Put your ears to the crowd.



What can Develop do for you?

Juggling hundreds of ideas, but not sure which to invest in? Gain focus and direction from the tools in our develop pillar. You’ll go from buckshot to sniper shot in a matter of weeks.

The tools in this pillar lead to stronger propositions and better focus:

  • Prioritise insights based on agreement, importance, and uniqueness
  • Identify the strongest potential with state-of-the-art diagnostics
  • Find the best combination of insight, benefit, and reason to believe
  • Screen for the optimal blend of features & characteristics to drive purchase

Key metrics:

Insight power

A single metric to prioritise insights for maximum focus.

Idea Power

A single metric to compare, identify improvements and prioritise ideas, based on 5 KPI’s.

Strengthen your concepts with the power of consumer communities.

Step down from the ivory tower. Test-run your concepts for long-term durability with the best bunch of testers out there: your future customer base.

Consumers Develop is built around evaluating new product ideas and/or concepts from a consumer perspective via online, dedicated communities. Receive pragmatic insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your product idea, full concept or prototype. Fine-tune and optimise them for market success.

Our bespoke, online communities perfectly support the iterative process in product and concept development.

We hand-pick creative, articulate consumers with the following characteristics:

  • keen to collaborate
  • an intuitive sense of what current solutions lack
  • have existing ideas for improvement
  • selected specifically for your project.


Consumers Develop allows you to:

  • Benefit from well-considered, individual feedback as well as from group-level interaction
  • Use various tools: forum discussions, drawing sessions, mark-up tools, mini surveys, poll questions, on- or offline safaris etc
  • Quickly adjust if interesting findings come up
  • Develop concepts together with interpretative experts at Winkle.

Prioritise resources. Find the ideas that matter.

The Idea Screener is the quickest way to identify winning ideas from a large batch, using rich consumer feedback to separate the wheat from the chaff and to identify suggestions for improvement.

The Idea Screener helps you prioritise and optimise a substantial batch of early-stage ideas. We calculate the Idea Power of each of your propositions – based on measuring 5 key dimensions of success. The output, in the form of data from a powerful online survey, comes in clear, actionable language and visual, engaging reports.


We test the relative importance of each idea by presenting them to a large-N (150) batch of respondents via sequential monadic testing. Questions we ask include:

  • To what extent do you agree with the idea?
  • How much potential do you see in this idea?
  • To what extent does this idea stand out from other ideas?

The responses are processed by Winkle’s quantitative analysis engines and interpreted by our expert market researchers. We quickly provide an actionable prioritisation of your idea line-up - showing you which has the most potential.

A fountain of ideas - but you’d rather not drown? Think Idea Screener.

Simulate & test before you create & invest

By having your audience create their ideal product or service version from a selection of features in a simulation, Concept Builder finds out if and what your audience is willing to pay for the extras.

We start with the base version of your product. By adding and removing features, your audience creates their ideal version. Because we test each feature at different price points, and we continuously observe which options people prefer, we find out how much your customers are willing to pay for added functions and variations.

Concept Builder allows you to observe consumer choice behaviour in a simulated environment, so you can avoid the blind alley of building versions you won’t need.

Simulate the sweet spot

Longer battery life, different flavours, remote control, a dedicated smart phone app… finding the best mix of functionality and pricing has never been easier. Respondents just pick and mix until they have what they love – and then indicate how much they’re willing to spend.

Our aggregated output shows you instantly which features are appreciated most, and where you should set your pricing. Before you invest, put it to the test - with Concept builder.

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1. Consumers Develop

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2. Idea Screener

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3. Concept Builder


Test-drive everything. Deep-review materials and messages. Sharpen your tools before you launch.



What can Decide do for you?

You only launch once - so it’d better be perfect. Maximise your chances of making a splash by testing any aspect, with the tools in our decide pillar: from packaging to publicity, from touch points to support points.

The tools in decide each concern different aspects of your ready-to-launch proposition:

  • Screen concepts for maximum potential
  • Screen packaging for optimal appeal
  • Screen claims for maximum convincing power

Key metrics

Concept Power

A single metric to compare and identify improvement areas for concepts in development, based on 6 KPI’s.

Cost-effective and fast for solid, safe concept review

Winkle’s Concept Screener is a fast and cost-effective approach to concept review. Geared towards iterative development, it provides quick feedback based on rigorous quantitative and qualitative analysis. Discover what works - and what needs more work! - with this powerful tool.

The Concept Screener is designed specifically for concept propositions that are close to completion. We test concepts for their ability to elicit both excitement or frustration by presenting them to a large-N (150) batch of respondents via sequential monadic testing.

Questions we ask include:

  • Is the concept easy to understand?
  • Is it relevant to personal needs and desires?
  • Is it different from others in category?
  • Does it offer an advantage over current products?
  • Is it credible?
  • How likely would you be to buy it?

The responses, processed by our quant analysis engines and interpreted by Winkle’s expert market researchers, quickly lead to an actionable prioritisation of concepts that show you which has the most potential in terms of Insights, Benefits, and Reasons To Believe.

Build, measure and learn

Reveal what consumers really think with PanSensic® Emotion Analytics. We guide next stage development with rich diagnostics, including our proprietary emotion analytics tool which gets beneath what consumers say – in order to act on what they mean.

Ensure your packaging grabs attention when it matters.

Packaging Screener uses concise, relevant consumer feedback to indicate where your packaging design could be tweaked or revised to optimally deliver your key differentiators and drive purchase.

In isolation, in context

Completely customisable and modular in its approach, the Packaging Screener provides actionable diagnostics for significantly stronger communication - both seen in isolation as well as in a competitive on-shelf context.

Select only the best

Assess performance in the market aisle: identify the one packaging that best makes a connection. Prepare optimal key messages that you need to get across, using online simulations such as flash testing and shelf timer testing.

Optimise design based on concrete diagnostic feedback. Strengthen winning designs through key diagnostics. Packaging Screener metrics range from quantified ‘emotional performance’ to purchase intent, and more.

Real-Time Benchmarking

Rank against your competitors: evaluate packaging design performance versus competitor packaging. By testing new designs against those of your competitors, we ensure a performance standard your team can trust. Confidently decide the way forward.

Think you’re ready to launch? Know you are, with Packaging Screener.

Which of your claims work best to trigger purchase?

Winkle’s Claim Screener helps you discover which claims are sure to convince - in a fast, rigorous and cost-effective manner.

Based on robust online survey data, Claim Screener identifies your winning claims and highlights key performance drivers. Minimise your risk and increase your chances of in-market success. Test packaging claims, advertising claims, medical claims and similar messages with Claim Screener.


Claim Screener is designed specifically for concept propositions that are close to completion. We test claims for convincing power, credibility and areas for improvement by presenting them to a large-N (150) batch of respondents via sequential monadic testing.

Claim Screener identifies whether your claims are successful on all the key criteria:

  • Easy to understand
  • Relevant
  • Differentiated
  • Credible
  • Memorable

…and crucially, whether they motivate Purchase! The responses are then processed by our quant analysis engines and interpreted by Winkle’s expert market researchers. We quickly provide an actionable prioritisation of claims – showing you which have the most potential.

Find the benefits that trigger purchase.

This Screener quickly identifies the benefits crucial to the success of your product. Rich consumer feedback separates the wheat from the chaff and pinpoints suggestions for improvement.

No product can do everything – and this is probably for the best! Indeed, the most successful products in history are only capable of doing one thing extraordinarily well. Focus is therefore essential when designing for success. The Benefit or Feature Screener helps you prioritise and optimise a substantial batch of benefits.


We calculate the Concept Power of each of your propositions – based on measuring 5 key dimensions of success. The output, in the form of data from a powerful online survey, comes in clear, actionable language and visual, engaging reports.

We test the relative importance of each benefit by submitting it to a large-N (150) batch of respondents via sequential monadic testing. Questions we ask include:

  • What is your understanding of this benefit?
  • How relevant is it to your decision to purchase?
  • How unique do you feel this benefit is?
  • What are its advantages?
  • Do you find it credible?

The responses are then processed by Winkle’s quantitative analysis engines and interpreted by our expert market researchers. We quickly provide an actionable prioritisation of the benefits line-up - showing you which has the most potential.

Modesty defines mastery - feature the benefits that matter with our Benefit or Feature Screener.

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1. Concept Screener

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2. Packaging Screener

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3. Claim Screener

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4. Benefit/Feature Screener


Learn from live metrics. Analyse reviews and craft your response. Pivot your product in mid-flight.



What can Deploy do for you?

The days of ‘launch and pray’ are over. There’s an abundance of review data out there, allowing you to shape just about anything based on user feedback. Not sure who to listen to? Deploy has your back.

Deploy is geared to help brands that have been in the spotlight for a while, dealing with substantial volumes of consumer feedback. Tackle the whopping 2 exabytes of daily consumer data:

  • with PanSensic’s fine-toothed comb
  • with sharp interpretation by our tireless researchers
  • with fast, actionable insights to improve your chances.

Key metrics

Brand Asset Power

Indexation of brand KPI’s: spontaneous awareness, relative number of uniquely linked assets and penetration – all relative to competitor brands.

Product Power

Indication of how consumers rate concepts over time relative to competitor products – focused on actionability:

  • When to launch price promotions
  • When to support with additional features
  • When to replace with the next generation

Keep track of how they see you, right from the word go.

StarTrack delivers a deep understanding of a brand or product, simply by listening to thousands of consumers. The key: quantified analysis of qualitative verbatim data. Trackable just after launch.

The stakes are high when launching new products in crowded consumer markets. Big investments rest on a single chance of success. StarTrack is the fastest ever actionable consumer feedback - delivered in time to improve your marketing communications and transform your one chance to succeed.

StarTrack combs relevant user reviews from available online data sources: online retailers, websites, etc. We apply our proprietary emotion analytics to reveal signs of frustration and excitement with the user experience, while also providing a clear understanding of what’s causing them - giving you a decisive, competitive edge.

The defining benefit: speed.

StarTrack captures the verbatim almost as soon as it’s made public, scraping reviews from a wide array of reliable review platforms. You’ll be drawing your conclusions, deciding on which benefits to highlight and getting some insights for the next round of product innovation - before the competition even knows what’s been written about them!

Can’t afford not to know? Keep a close eye on consumer emotions with StarTrack.

See what makes your brand stick – and where you need a new trick.

Brand Asset Power identifies those elements of your brand that lead consumers to recognise it instantly. It also shows where your brand might be easily overshadowed by the competition – and how to respond.

Strong brand assets are those elements of your brand that are uniquely associated with a specific brand by a large number of consumers.

Strong brand assets give a brand an unmistakable, competitive edge:

  • Consumers recognise them easily
  • They support long-term relationships
  • They increase the effectiveness of your messages.
  • We discern two types of brand assets:
  • Tangible – physical, visible (product taste, logo, product shape). These are easy to adopt and leverage, easy to associate with.
  • Intangible – emotional, ephemeral, contemporary. These are difficult to identify, but very powerful.

When determining Brand Asset Power, we present a large batch of respondents with a series of brand assets - both from your brand and others.

The output gives insight into both the uniqueness and the familiarity of your brand’s tangible and intangible assets. A clear and concise report shows you strong indications of which assets to capitalise on, which to consider changing and which to strongly consider leaving behind!

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1. Star Track

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2. Brand Asset Power