What we do

We partner with our clients and add value at each stage of innovation

Our global team of experts leverages cutting-edge research tools to partner with our clients throughout their innovation journey.

We understand consumers and we design smart research that gets closer to the way people make real life decisions. We pride ourselves on delivering intuitive and engaging results, rich with recommendations.

  • Comprehensive and proven core: a blend of time-tested methodologies and tech-driven advancements
  • Modular research: flexible and efficient solutions designed for real world success- because they are designed in the real world alongside our Happen partners
  • Boldly Simple philosophy: our signature approach is tailored to the very nature of innovation: agile, fast and iterative



Opportunities to grow


New product ideas


Market performance

Your challenge What areas to focus on for max potential? Lots of ideas but which are the best? How to get the most out of a new launch?
Our challenge
  • identify drivers and barriers in your category and discover growth opportunities
  • get close to your consumers and reveal fresh and unique new insights
  • cost effectively screen lots of ideas and insights and help you identify ones that have the strongest potential for progression
  • evaluate what concepts to continue with through emotional and rational consumer response testing
  • assess impact of packaging in detail and provide guidance on communication
  • evaluate the decision making process pre and during the shopping experience as well as how to optimize products on shelf
How we do it